I'm Angela Sargeant


With 30 years marketing experience and a background in corporate, small business, and entrepreneurship, I've lived and breathed marketing for more years than not.


From advertising to organic social media; creating strategies, branding, content; and public relations - I've done it all.


Over the decades, I've watched marketing evolve in response to the world as a whole; the way we live, and our values. It's through these experiences that I've developed a methodology to help my clients get their message out to the world, in a way that sets them apart from everyone else.



Today, I love shining the light on people like you. People who have a message to share and want to make a difference. You see something that needs to change and you have a better way.


I clear away the contradicting and random advice online, so you can connect with your audience and grow your business. Leaving you to focus on the bigger picture and what you do best.



Not everyone who creates change does it in the same way.


I’ve worked with founders of IT companies and entrepreneurs who knew a paradigm shift was needed in order to create a better environment and future for their clients.
I’ve worked with musicians who create change daily through their music. 

And then there’s the
authors, speakers, spiritual teachers; and industry leaders who fulfill their purpose by helping people live their best life. 


Whatever your specialty is, I help you connect with your audience to grow your business.
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Forward thinking marketing that creates impact

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