for your big audacious goals


Let's get this show on the road


You have something great to share with the world.

You want to work in your zone of genius and do your thing

You're here to make a difference.




When you know what you want, you just need to get it done.

Spending hours, days and weeks testing out random marketing advice is not where you want to invest your time.

You need to focus on the right activities to connect with clients, partners and business influencers. You're ready to reach those goals and create a positive impact on your business and others.

You're awesome at what you do. You just need the world to recognize that.




Hi, I'm Angela Sargeant.

I've worked with some super gifted people in my time. And one thing that always pains me is seeing people who can do amazing things, get stuck in a cycle of 'marketing busy work'.

So I created my High Impact Method. Developed from years of marketing experience and current research, I designed a framework to zero in on the things that make a difference, to take your greatness to the world.

You create magic when you unlock your brand and amplify it strategically. You become relevant and noticed in a way that no amount of selfies or 'digital marketing hacks' can ever achieve.

This is the future of marketing. It's targeted, yet genuine. It attracts your audience and opportunities, while building and future-proofing your business. 



Who I Work With

People with a mission, a message; a desire to bring forth change in their business and their industry.

People who are ready to make a difference

People who are ready to step into their greatness

I'm here to guide you, away from the marketing maze, away from the ordinary, and into your extraordinary goals.

It's time to make a difference

If you are awesome at what you do, but your revenue doesn’t match your skills

If your audience doesn’t recognize you for your zone of genius

If you could do great things, if only you weren’t your industry's ‘best kept secret’

And if you're tired of trying to ‘figure out marketing’ instead of doing what you do best

Then now is the time

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