Pinterest Makeover

You keep hearing that Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your website. But the whole thing sounds so confusing.

Where to start from?

This is the Non-Techy, Easy to Understand Solution

Get Pinterest working for you, even if you're a complete beginner

No chasing people around the internet.

Makeover your Pinterest profile, to transform it into a platform that attracts your ideal customers to your website

Where to Start?

There's so many tips and tricks shared online for how to use Pinterest, but it can all sound so confusing and overwhelming.

Let's make it easy

You want to get your business visible. And you want to get people to your website and have them take action

What if 

What if you could get your Pinterest page working for you, finding you new prospects everyday. And you didn't have to read through pages of what seems like technical advice.

What if a little bit of strategy now, helped your blog posts get views again and again.

You work hard writing your blog posts

You want them seen now, and you want them attracting new people continuously into the future.

Help is Here

This is why I created my Pinterest Makeover Service. Too many times I've heard people say: "It's just too overwhelming". Or, "I don't even understand how Pinterest works". "I feel like I'm wasting my time".

Sometimes you don't want to do another course. You just want someone to look at your business and tell you how to make it all work for you.

That's where I come in. With 20 years of sales & marketing experience, and 10 years helping other women grow their business online, I have helped hundreds of women get their websites visible to the right people.

Real Marketing

Using proven marketing methods to attract your ideal client, is a complete game changer.

This isn't a "pin stuff every day and you'll eventually grow your following" type of thing. That's investing your precious time, just hoping you'll stand out from the tens of thousands of other people doing the same thing. Why? Because Pinterest isn't about who can shout the loudest. And it isn't about who can pin the most and at the best times.

It's about being attractive to your ideal client

What I will show you, is authentic marketing that represents you and your products in a way that is true to your style. And, in a way that your customers are keen to hear about. That is the critical piece of the puzzle. The way to truly attract people who have been looking for you all along.

Ready to stand out from the crowd?

You know you have great products or services to share with the world Now let's get you seen!

Get the attention you deserve

Do you ever feel like you're standing there in internet-land, shouting to be heard? The way to stand out from the crowd is to speak your customer's language.

Speaking your customer's language is like having a spotlight on you while you hold a megaphone. People will listen up and take notice.

And you can do that on Pinterest, whether you're a product based business or whether you sell services

What do you get?

You get concrete and actionable recommendations, based on real marketing, to whip your Pinterest Profile into shape and drive traffic back to your website

  • A customized report on your current Pinterest profile with a checklist of everything to be given a makeover
  • A comprehensive guide on how to word your bio, board names and pin descriptions to attract your ideal clients. Along with keywords to use specific for your business
  • A customized report on which boards you should have on your Pinterest Profile to attract more followers
  • A guide on how to organize your boards for your specific business
  • A document with actual photographic suggestions to give you a visual guide on the sorts of images to use to suit your business
  • A customized guide on pinning to attract your ideal client according to your specific business


Because I want to make this service highly valuable to you, I want to add some things to make your job easier

  • Suggestions on which Group Boards to join to maximise your exposure and how to approach these boards to be included.
  • I’ll hand over my personal list of resources that will save you time and frustration Googling trying to figure it all out on your own
  • A Pinterest Checklist so you can be sure you're not missing any steps all the way from creating your pins to pinning
  • Email support. I can't just leave you hanging! After you've had time to implement the recommendations, I'll suggest further tweaks to make sure you're on the right track to entice your customers.


Just in case you're wondering

Can't I just pay someone to look after my social media for me?

You sure can! But that still doesn’t get you results if what’s being posted isn’t the sorts of things that will create raving fans and bring in customers. A more effective way to do this, is to understand how to attract your ideal client through social media, then pass the basic work of posting to someone else if you wish.

I'm a complete beginning and haven't even started on Pinterest, can you help me?

I sure can! Even if you don't have a Pinterest profile as yet, we can start from scratch for you.

How is this different to doing a course?

Courses are great for learning, but then you have to spend the time working out how to apply them to your business. And how to do it in a way that makes you different to everyone else in your industry. This Pinterest Makeover I'm providing, it's tailored to you, so you can take all the information and put it into practice right away.

Will you tell me to invest in scheduling software?

I certainly will suggest it, so you can save time. But scheduling pins is just one part of the puzzle. Posting on Pinterest only works for you if you understand what to post and all the other pieces of the puzzle are in place too


It's time to stop posting randomly online, and start attracting customers