Marketing to put
the Spotlight 

on your business


Go from "Best Kept Secret" to "The One That I Want"


You're already great at what you do. So enough hiding as your industry's best-kept-secret

Here's the truth:

More content, more webinars, more social media, more value,
more networking and slogging it out for years,
doesn't one day magically transport you to your goals. 




The magic happens when you mix key marketing foundations to support your specific business and goals.

Having worked in a variety of industries and with thousands of people, I know what works and what doesn't. The common denominator every time is differentiation, and alignment with your audience.

Whether it's potential clients, partners or influencers, you need to make a strong connection with your audience for anything to happen.

It's one thing to understand your business and what makes it great - and another to translate that, so the right people notice and pay attention.

How do you get noticed when everyone is trying to do the same thing?






Hi, I'm Angela Sargeant.

I want to share a rock star secret with you. Renowned industry professionals, celebrity chefs and even well-known esoteric and spiritual beings all use a certain formula in their brand to ensure they stand out from everyone else in their industry. And it's more than just visuals.

Why bother when they're so good at what they do? An intentional strategy around your brand and message helps you become magnetic to your audience.

Bring your own magic by unlocking your brand and message to create a connection with your audience. Be memorable for the right things.  Be the number one choice. Whether you want clients, collaborators, business partnerships and even investors, your brand and message can do the heavy lifting to support your work. 






Time to be noticed

Time to be known for your genius

Time to attract better opportunities

Show up. Attract. Connect.

Supercharge your marketing


What this program is about

⭐️ Discovering your competitive advantage

⭐️ Positioning yourself to be top of mind

⭐️ Resonating with your audience 

⭐️ Clearly defining your value to remove the need to be salesy

⭐️  Confidence and clarity to present your business in a way 
      that attracts clients

⭐️ Strengthening your authority in your industry

⭐️ Communicating your message with impact

⭐️ Creating a brand and message that demands attention

This one-on-one program is designed to be a transformative experience. With guided pre-session exercises, one-on-one workshopping on Zoom, and extra support along the way. You'll have confidence knowing you're setting foundations down that lead you to your goals.


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